How To Become A Qualified Poker Dealer

Becoming a poker player and becoming a poker dealer is way different from each other. You need to have a qualification in order to become a poker dealer. In Vegas you will find all the poker dealers to be qualified and it is a mandate that they have to complete a course from Dealer’s School. This school provides various courses on casino games and if you think that poker is the game that you want to make people play then you can take up that course. They would teach you each and every detail of how poker is played and how as a poker dealer you should proceed with the players.


The course will finish in less than six weeks so that you can get down to business in a very short period of time. If you are not from Vegas then there will be schools that teach you how to become a qualified poker dealer. Once the course is done there will be exams that will determine whether you are ready for casinos or not. There have been people who did not clear the exam at one but they got a second chance and passing this exam is really easy because of the way they will teach you. The method of teaching is very practical so that you understand each and every detail.

If you are thinking about the fees involved in such courses then you need not worry because it is quite affordable and it depends on the different schools. The best thing is they will give you a certificate that would prove that you are a qualified poker dealer and that would help you to apply for any casino you want. So if one day you move to Vegas then you would be able to become a poker dealer there also. Once you become a poker dealer and you are in a casino the first thing that you will see is money around you and although you would not be able to get as much as the players do but the pay is quite good. If you are a bit tenured in this business then the wages are much higher than you think.

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Guides To Managing Your Bankroll In A Casino

Playing in a casino has become very common nowadays. Some people play for the money while some play because they are addicted to the games. But ultimately they do win money and that is when it starts to become a bit confusing. However this article will tell you how to manage your bankroll in a casino. The basic calculation process of maintaining your bankroll is called Kelly Criterion. This is a mathematical formula that helps in calculating bankroll of a casino. It is not at all difficult to understand the formula if you understand the basic concept.


Take for example you have $100 and a person is telling you to place a bet on flipping of the fair coin. Now you have the chance to wager the amount and accordingly your opponent will place the bet. The trick is when you win. You will not only win the amount that you and your opponent have placed on the bet but also some extra amount. This is calculated on the basis of how much you would have lost had you not won the bet. This is also applicable when you lose a bet. So the chance of losing an extra sum of money when you lose is also there. That is why calculating bankrolls in casinos are so tricky and many people do not get the concept of how much they are winning and how much they are losing.

The best guide to manage your bankroll in a casino is if you apply the following formula:

f*= (bp-q)/(b)

Here, ‘f’ determines the position of current bankroll to wager

‘b’ stands for the odds that you receive on the wager

‘p’ stands for the probable chances of winning

And ‘q’ stands for the probable chances of losing

The formula changes if you do not increase your wager. This will also help you if you lose since you will not be losing that extra money that you had increased as the wager. If you win in this case then you will only win your money and also the same amount of money which your opponent has placed. So the calculation becomes a lot easier.

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How To Get Started With Online Casino

Are you trying your luck for the first time in online casinos and you have got no clue on how to proceed? The best thing to do in such cases is to give a try to those online casinos which provides free bonuses. This would help you to get started easily and will also give you that confidence which will lead to future successes. These casinos also provide you with a separate account and the terms and conditions of these websites are also simple. The best part of these bonuses is that some of them are non cashable that gives you the chance to bet more and also play more. Being a beginner is a benefit for many players because what they do is they match the initial deposit with the maximum achievable. This increases the chances of winning more money even if they play for a small sum of money.


When you are starting as a beginner then there are various things that you need to keep in mind and one of them is the rule of the game and also the rule of the website. After that comes the plans and strategies of the game that you want to play. Take for example if you want to play poker then you must know the rules and regulations of poker and also have your own plans and strategies so that you come out as the winner. If you are looking for the general rules of poker then you can search them up on the internet itself but the concept is slightly different from the real poker. So it would be better if you check for the rules and regulations of online poker. Apart from all this there are demo games as well which you can play initially so that you get a feel of the game which you are about to play. But the thing is if you play these demo games then you will not be able to gamble on them because these games do not allow you to place any nets on them. These are just for trials and only for the beginners.

Sit And Spin Addictions

Gambling is something that is bound to make you addicted because more than anything else there is money involved here and who does not want to make money the easier way. Although people say that gambling depends on luck and that is why it is easy to make money but that is not really the truth. The games that are played in the casinos require patience and lot of practice. It also requires strategies and plans and different calculations. All this together will make you a great casino player but no one is perfect in this world and the urge to become perfect and be that good a player makes people addicted to the casino games. In that case it would be better if you open up a casino yourself and see others getting addicted to this game.


In the recent past the trend shows that people who are into slot gambling have made lot of money from it. Now if you call that luck then it would be really unfair. For each and every game there is a different strategy and if you get to know it and know when to implement that strategy then the game is all yours. The addiction that comes for these games comes when you start to win in the initial stages. Since there are different levels of the games each and every person tries to understand the game by playing in the easy mode first and gradually moves to a harder level. The problem occurs when you go on to the harder levels and more money is at stake. You try to be in the game as much as possible so that the chances of winning increases but at the same time you have this fear of losing the money which you have put in. In these cases it all comes down to your plans and strategies and luck hardly matters. The interest and the greed to win lots of money by playing these games make people addicted and this is the main reason why people end up losing more than they win from the casinos.

A Gambler’s Guide To The Best Casinos Across The Globe

Over the past few years the growth in the casino industry has been phenomenal. More and more people are getting involved in gambling and making money out of it. But there are chances of losing money as well. In order to become a successful gambler you need to be very sharp with the ideas and your strategies while you are playing a game.


If you are new to the field of gambling then you should not take a hasty decision and sign up for the first website that you see. It would be better if you understand and observe the rules and regulations of the game because each and every game has different rules and therefore the game play changes every minute and that is why you would have to think and rethink your strategies accordingly. Take for example if you want to play blackjack and have signed for a website that provides exciting offers for this game then the first thing that you should do is understand the rules and regulations of that website first and then observe how blackjack is played. However there are various websites that would offer you demo games as well so that you can understand while you are playing but in those games you would not be able to gamble.

The levels of those games are set in the easy mode so that you have a basic idea of the game. Another thing that will help you to succeed in the gambling industry and make you a good player in the best casinos across the globe is if you have a good idea about the calculations. This will help you loads because it is a very important tool in gambling. The money you win and the money you put into gambling are two different things and that is when the calculation becomes important. It would be foolishness if you use all the money that you have won in the next game because there are chances of losing in that game as well. So you should always think before spending the money on a particular game.

10 Reasons to Love Free Online Slots Websites

It has been reported that over six million people Google the words “Free Slots” every month. Whether it’s the graphics, the sound, or the variety slots are one of the favorite casino games being played online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to have fun. No travel time or parking issues. No expensive casino restaurants. No dressing up. You can even play in your PJs. The Internet has brought casinos into our homes.

Casinos websites offer a multitude of Vegas-style online slot games, and although we all love the thrill of winning real cash, it is always good to play for free. And you can find dozens of free games online including favorites like Cleopatra, Buffalo, Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune. All of these games are instant play, with no registration required, no need to provide your details and no need to deposit any funds.

You can play free slots as well as on mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and tablets. Over the last few years technology has improved mobile phone slots with amazing color, smoother action and great sound effects.

10 Reasons to Love Free Online Slots Websites

1) Variety. Online slots come in a huge variety of unique themes. There are hundreds to choose from and each game offers entertaining features to keep you interested.

2) Comfort. Online slots can be played anywhere you have internet access. Play any time of day or night. Smoking or non smoking? It’s your room, you choose.

3) Instant access. When you play online slots you never have to wait in a line for the most popular games.

4) No travel time. Chances are there isn’t a casino within 45 miles of you. At home you can be in front a slot machine within minutes.

5) Play for free. There is always a fun version that uses play money, the perfect to try out new games.

6) Play at your convenience. Your seat is always available, any time of day or night. And you don’t have to traverse the entire casino floor to find your favorite slot machine.

7) The themes. Software companies get more creative every year in this area. Whether it’s a TV sitcom, a movie, or a favorite character you can put yourself right in your favorite story line.

8) Cost of food and drink. No more expensive casino restaurants and overpriced drinks. Not to mention the gas you’ll save and the parking hassles you’ll avoid by not driving to a land based casino.

9) Online slot machines offer easy user-friendly tutorials so that you understand what you’re doing and appreciate the lingo before you begin playing.

10) Better Payouts. Since online casinos have less overhead than live casinos they can provide slots players with better payouts and bonus rounds. Online casinos find creative ways to offer players more ways to win, which means more fun for you.

Free Casino bonus slots

Slot machines have always been a great lure for gamblers. Charles Fey created the first slot machine in the 1800s. This was a three real slot machine with five different symbols. These were diamonds, horseshoes, spades, hearts, and a liberty bell. Instead of money, the machine gave out cigarettes and candy prizes. Computers and technology have also ushered in a new type of slot machine. Video slot machine and its fun bonus games have now taken over the slot industry. Computerization has made it possible to create machines with any number of reels and symbols. This made it possible to create any type of slot game. Players can find games with themes from popular culture like Pink Panther, Home Alone, and more. There are also games that have themes like drilling for oil, or searching for pirate treasure. The variety is endless.

Most video slots (See Royaal casino for example) are five reeled games. The game plays similar to regular slots games with spinning reels and winning pay lines. There are different types of reels. There are free spin symbols. If three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, a certain number of free spins are awarded. Free spins either can be spun by the player or are automatically spun by the machine. This depends upon the game. There are cascade reels. Winning pay lines pay out and then disappear. New icons replace them and the player continues to win if the symbols line up. Hold and spin allows the player to hold some reels in place while spinning other reels. Often this doubles the players chance of winning or triggering another bonus. Wild symbols replace or fill-in for any symbol and create winning combinations. Sliding or dropping symbols allows icons to either slide or drop on the wheels to create winning combinations. There are endless varieties of reel effects. Always read the pay table to understand how the machine plays and what determines the payouts.

If a player spins three or more bonus symbols, a side game is triggered. The pay table on each machine determines how the symbols must be lined up. There are several types of bonus games. The wheel of fortune allows the player to spin a wheel to determine the bonus prize that is won. Pick a box is another type of bonus. The player chooses boxes until a collect box appears and wins the total amount accumulated. There are many types of bonus games and the fun of playing these types of slots can be simply in discovering all the ways to win.

Computers and the internet have made it possible for players to enjoy these games from the comfort of their own home. Players can play with real money or for free. So try our video slot website.

Casino Las Vegas

Gambling is something that has taken the United States by storm. With Texas Hold-‘Em poker leading the charge, gambling is back on everyone’s mind. Of course, for most of us Americans, we don’t live in a place where we can easily head to a casino and enjoy the lights, sounds, and pantomime in person; instead, we’re turning to our computers, looking for ways to play online and get that same feeling of adrenaline in the privacy and comfort of our own homes.

This is causing a huge explosion in the industry of online casinos, especially so because millions of people want to play blackjack online, a large portion for them for the first time. They’re looking for a site with a clean interface, a great reputation, and the ability to hop online and play a few hands without anything getting in the way of the fun.

One of these online casinos is Casino Las Vegas. It, like a handful of other sites out there, has a great design: you know exactly how to get to your game of choice without messing with hundreds of annoying menus and popups. However, what this site does differently is that they put customer service. Other sites, they just look at online gambling as an income stream and nothing else.

The guys at Casino Las Vegas are there for you if you have any questions or problems. Responses come fast, and they’re very detailed and full of information directed at the specific problem. It’s a huge boon for someone who’s never been in a real casino – something like an older brother nearby, ready to help you whenever you need him, but who also allows you to go out and experience everything you want for the first time.

That’s what we want out of a great online casino experience. If I can hop in, get to know what’s what by me, but also have a safety line of a helpful friend nearby, that’s the place I’m going to. It doesn’t matter what sort of gimmicks you have, and Casino Las Vegas realizes this: they focus on customer service above all else, and it really shows when you just want to sit down and play some poker or blackjack.

Online Casinos – Finding the Cream of the Crop
Hot on the heels of the online gambling explosion, we give some advice on how to find the absolute best website for you to play blackjack online with. We focus on customer service, and Casino Las Vegas is our clear winner.


Looking For The Best Bingo Site Online?

Are you an avid bingo enthusiast looking for the best bingo room online? Virtual bingo is really popular today with an increasing number of players signing up with the internet housie portals everyday. However, not all such sites can guarantee you the utmost satisfaction and hence if you are expecting a grand bingo fun, you have to fish out the best names here. You can go for williamhillbingo as its one of the most eminent and relished bingo portals over the internet. William Hill Bingo is a wing of the original William Hill Casino, a highly prestigious gambling platform based in UK. The WH Bingo was founded in the year 2007 and since then has been readily appreciated amidst the online bingo connoisseurs around. Here goes a short brief highlighting the significant aspects of William Hill Bingo.

To start with, the WH Bingo runs on an award winner software system called Virtue Fusion, much to the pleasure of its customers online. It’s great to note here that VF presents amazingly lively graphics as well a very user compatible interface that makes it a real breeze to browse through the site. The software system is friendly with both PC and Mac users.

In regards to games, William Hill Bingo simply amazes you with its splendid and diverse collections. The players here would be able to log in for all the popular bingo numbers such 75 ball, 80 ball or 90 ball games. Added to these conventional favorites, the leading online bingo portal shows up with a number of trendy options as well. Thus you have the exciting Jackpot Joker, Last Chance Saloon and so on.

William Hill Bingo is a sure winner when it comes to the promotions or bonus offers. The new players here would be greeted with an awesome 40 pound bonus facility that is relieved from any kind of wagering restriction- a grand bonus offer without wagering limitations is generally a rarity with other bingo sites. Moreover, the leading bingo portal also invites the customers to a high cash winning 1,500 pound worth tournament, completely free of charge.